Trump voting panel tells states to hold off sending data while court weighs privacy impact

Trump voting panel tells states to hold off sending data while court weighs privacy impact

Victor Landa July 11, 2017

By Spencer S. Hsu, The Washington Post (5 minute read)   President Trump’s voting commission on Monday asked states and the District to hold off submitting the sweeping voter data the […]

Willie Velásquez documentary is a lesson for Latinos on the importance of voting

NewsTaco May 9, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because today is Willie Velasquez day and a quick search of his name turned up no news stories. This piece, by Mercedes Olivera, is from […]

Federal Judge Rules Pasadena Infringed On Latino Voting Rights, Orders Changes

NewsTaco January 9, 2017

*This a recurring story. Latinos win voting rights battles only to see them regress. And we fight them again, as we should, as many times as needed. VL By Andrew […]

Donald Trump did not win 34% of Latino vote in Texas. He won much less.

NewsTaco December 5, 2016

*The evidence is mounting that Donald Trump didn’t do as well as he and some analysts say he did. Texas Latinos soundly rejected his candidacy. VL By Francisco Pedraza and Bryan […]

The Latino Voting Surge That Never Happened

NewsTaco November 30, 2016

*A couple of things to note. This article is from the National Review, a decidedly and unapologetically conservative publication. But it begins to spread a narrative that isn’t surprising. After […]

Is the Latino voting bloc just a myth? It’s complicated

NewsTaco November 16, 2016

*It’s interesting how even conservative Latino writers are at a loss to explain the Latino vote. It’s funny that we find common ground in the not really knowing. VL By […]

Five Hispanics sue the Pasadena City Council municipal districts redesign

NewsTaco November 14, 2016

*MALDEF attorneys are in Pasadena, Texas, this week, starting work on this voting rights case. VL By Alvaro Ortiz, Houston Chronicle (3 minute read)  Five Hispanic residents of Pasadena (Texas) filed a […]