Latinas in Science 7/13/17

Latinas in Science 7/13/17

Victor Landa July 16, 2017

This is disturbing. It’s from an article in Mashable titled “Unprecedented study reveals widespread bias in space science, and it’s particularly terrible for women of color”: “For years, women in astronomy and planetary […]

The sound of inclusion: Why teachers’ words matter

NewsTaco April 11, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because it speaks directly to the need for more teachers of color in culturally diverse classrooms. Because “No student (or teacher) leaves their language patterns at […]

First female Hispanic flight director will be Grand Marshal for Sun Bowl Parade

NewsTaco October 6, 2016

*This is a big deal – not so much the parade, but the flight director thing is huge. These are her creds: “Kerrick, the flight operations directorate division chief for […]

This Mexican College Robotics Team Just Owned a NASA Competition


*Check out this #MexicanThing. The Mexican team saw it as a statement victory. Team member Juan Carlos Mariscal said “We have the same abilities as any other student in the […]

The race gap in science knowledge

NewsTaco September 17, 2015

*With so much emphasis on STEM and STEM education, this might look as of it’s belaboring the obvious. This study serves as a good baseline of Latino workforce, understanding of […]

DIY Girls Is Bringing Technology To Thousands Of Latinas

NewsTaco September 2, 2014

*There you go!  This is how it’s done. VL By Rahel Gebreyes, Huffington Post Luz Rivas graduated from MIT as one of the very few women of Hispanic descent, but now […]

US Navy Vet Inspiring Next Generation of Latino Engineers

NewsTaco May 15, 2014

*We need more folks like Barry Cordero. How do you reach young Latinos and provide an example for others to do the same? Here’s how. VL By Angel Canales, ABC […]