Translations, TV show connect a city’s Hispanic community

Translations, TV show connect a city’s Hispanic community

NewsTaco December 26, 2016

*Here’s a small story from a small corner of the country, but it’s an example of how one person can lift a Latino community, even in unlikely South Dakota. VL […]

Infants show apparent awareness of ethnic differences, UCLA psychologists report

NewsTaco December 14, 2016

*Here’s something to wrap your mind around on a Wednesday. I think babies detect differences, but the authors of the study and the article are the ones who imposed ethnicity […]

For the Past 20 Years, a Santa Ana Man Has Kept the Language of the Aztecs Alive

NewsTaco December 2, 2016

*This is a great, albeit a little long, piece for a Friday read. VL By Gabriel San Roman, OC Weekly (17 minute read)  “Okay, let’s start with practice!” Davíd Vázquez […]

The Spanish Lesson I Never Got at School

NewsTaco November 30, 2016

*This is a terrific and needed read, especially in light of the post-election attempts to launch a new “political correctness” where bilingualism is seen as detrimental to national unity. It’s […]

California Voters Support Bi-lingual Ed, But Schools Not Prepared

NewsTaco October 27, 2016

*They voted to do away with bilingual education in 1998, now they want it back. VL By Jeremy Adam Smith, New America Media (6.5 minute read) SAN FRANCISCO — In 1998, California […]

Interpreters say it’s nearly “impossible” to translate Donald Trump’s rhetoric into other languages


*Try translating this: “I don’t know, probably, maybe, I’m not sure, other people say, the lawyers say, I haven’t looked at it, I’m not familiar.” Trump speak. VL By Lila MacLellan, Quartz […]

Latino Racial Slurs is the top trending topic on NewsTaco

NewsTaco October 24, 2016

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco Top Latino Racial Slurs It’s a story written and posted in 2011 and this past week it got the top number of page views of all […]