Only 1 In 5 New Board Appointees At Fortune 500 Companies Are Not White

Only 1 In 5 New Board Appointees At Fortune 500 Companies Are Not White

NewsTaco June 20, 2017

*It’s not close to where is should be, but 6.4% Latinos in Fortune 500 company boards is better than 4%. VL By Stacie Jones and Grace Donnely, Fortune (2.5 minute […]

Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word

NewsTaco June 12, 2017

*Wow. Do yourself a favor and read this slowly. Talk about diversity is not enough, it says. It’s the term we use when the issue of racism makes white people […]

Another Way That Teachers Matter For Latino Kids

NewsTaco May 23, 2017

*Science tells us that ethnic and racial minority kids do better in more diverse schools. The question before us is if the educational leadership in the White House believes in […]

Bias Hinders Diversity in Hiring for Environmental Organizations

NewsTaco December 14, 2016

*Only 12 to 16 percent of the staff at environmental foundations are persons of color. The paternalistic attitudes of Liberal leadership has a lot to do with that. VL By Anthony […]

Political Diversity in the Latino Electorate

NewsTaco October 31, 2016

*The four states with the most Latinos are California, Texas, Florida and New York. Together they are 62 percent of all Latinos in the U.S. and live in states that total […]

The shortage of non-white professors is a self-perpetuating problem

NewsTaco September 13, 2016

*Catch-22: report says here are few Latino PhD professors because there are few Latino PhD professors. VL By Matt Krupnick,  The Hechinger Report/PBS (8.5 minute read) Felecia Commodore came into her job search […]

This is America’s Least Diverse City…and It’s Not Black or White

NewsTaco January 14, 2016

*This is where I grew up, and yes, it’s very Mexican-American, overwhelmingly so. It was that way in my childhood and adolescence, and it’s that way today as well. I’ll […]