Aztecs, Mayans marveled at eclipses — and predicted them with precision

Aztecs, Mayans marveled at eclipses — and predicted them with precision

Victor Landa August 21, 2017

By Liliana Valenzuela, Austin American-Statesman (2.5-minute read)  Astronomers across the ages have looked up to the skies and marveled at eclipses. Using different numerical systems, the Aztecs and the Mayans observed eclipses and […]

How Anti-Latino Rhetoric Hurts All Americans

Victor Landa August 10, 2017

By Belinda Campos and Leo R. Chavez, Greater Good Magazine (10.5-minute read)  We all want to be valued members of the groups to which we belong. For Latinos in the United […]

Meet the Young Latino Mayor Who Is Bringing Back His Rhode Island City

Victor Landa August 9, 2017

By Geraldine Cols Azocar, NBC News (5-minute read)  CENTRAL FALLS, Rhode Island — We hear a lot about millennials making waves in the entertainment and tech worlds, but a young […]

Jim Plunkett’s painful journey: ‘My life sucks’

Victor Landa

By Eliott Almond, The Mercury News   He rises from a chair next to his Heisman Trophy in a room stuffed with dozens of silver and gold keepsakes that recognize […]

The Growth of the Latino Population is Slowing Down

Victor Landa

By Cliff Despres, Salud Today (1.5 minute read)  While still on the rise, the annual growth rate of the U.S. Latino population has dropped from 3.7% in 2006 to 2% in […]

La Uva, Mexican-American winemaking: Lucha, Oportunidad y Familia

Victor Landa August 4, 2017

By Eduardo Díaz, Director – Smithsonian Latino Center (3 minute read)    The advent of World War II (WWII) created a serious labor shortage in the United States. With so many men […]

Something to drop in the bag of obsessions with anything millennial:

Victor Landa July 31, 2017

12 – The percentage of Latino millennials who are unbanked (do not own checking and savings accounts). 7 – The percentage of Latino millennials who are unbanked. 35 – The […]