When Hispanic Teens Vanished, Did New York Police Do Enough?

When Hispanic Teens Vanished, Did New York Police Do Enough?

NewsTaco October 27, 2016

*The MS13 gang is thought to be responsible for the disappearances, but these victims and suspects are Latino young men so the cases are not priorities. VL By Frank Eltman […]

Central American gang’s tentacles reach deep into Texas

NewsTaco October 19, 2016

*This is a very good, very scary read. VL By Julián Aguilar, Texas Tribune (7 minute read) HOUSTON — It’s the savagery that most bothers veteran police officer George Rhyne. […]

The Latino Who Filmed The Eric Garner Video Is Behind Bars

NewsTaco October 7, 2016

*The night after he recorded the Eric Garner murder, cops drove by Ramsey Orta’s street, shinning lights into his house. VL By Christopher Mathias, Huffington Post (3.5 minute read)  The man […]

Female Janitors Who Suffered Abuse Score A Big Win In California

NewsTaco September 26, 2016

*This is powerful, and redeeming. VL By Kris Fortin, mitú (2.5 minute read) When everyone goes home from work, school or church, the space becomes the janitors domain. Many of these […]

In San Bernardino: A womb provides the perfect cover

NewsTaco December 7, 2015

*Sam Quiñones sounds off on the San Bernardino killings, terrorism, gun laws and fanaticism, then he parallels them to L.A Street gangs, dope addicts and an ominous tale by Dostoyevsky. […]

Is This How Gangs End?

NewsTaco January 2, 2015

*Wonderful piece, as always, by NewsTaco contributor Sam Quiñones, published in Pacific Standard Magazine. I’m a fan of the creative process, and Sam gives us a little behind-the-scenes look at […]

Unaccompanied minors: How about some perspective

NewsTaco August 12, 2014

*The unaccompanied minor story constantly changes. Here’s the latest chapter, in the form of Homeland Security statistics that show how the number of unaccompanied minors has dwindled to half of […]