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Rise of Latina leadership through non-profits

Mary Mata April 2, 2014

By Elizabeth Giadans, Latina Voices When it comes to working in non-profit organizations, Ann Marquez, president of the National Hispaña Leadership Institute, or NHLI, said it is important for Latinas and Hispanics to […]

Venezuelans in exile

Mary Mata March 26, 2014

A Puerto Rican explores art space

Mary Mata March 5, 2014

Life works mysteriously

Mary Mata February 26, 2014

By Jennifer Nava, Latina Voices I remember very little of my childhood, but the one thing I do remember is going to Mexico for the first time with my abuelita. I was […]

No-verla, the undisputed prominence of the Spanish Telenovela

NewsTaco February 19, 2014

By Patricia Boscan, Latina Voices Señoras y Señores, it’s time. It’s just after 1 P.M. and you’ve just finished eating lunch for an hour past noon, like you do religiously every day. Señoras, you […]

My abuelita’s remedy

Mary Mata December 11, 2013

By Jennifer Nava, Latina Voices Dear abuelita, I still remember my first summer in Mexico with you. It was as if it had just happened yesterday. I barely remember anything about […]

Take a walk in my shoes

Mary Mata December 5, 2013

By Jenay Wright, Latina Voices I am Black. No. I am Hispanic. I don’t think I am either. I am American. My mom, Yurika Mariela Wright, was born in Panama […]