California House race is a test of Latino, Korean influence

California House race is a test of Latino, Korean influence

NewsTaco May 31, 2017

*This will be very interesting to watch. This is the race to fill the seat left vacant when Xavier Becerra left congress to become California’s Attorney General. The vote is […]

A Poor Christmas for Latino Elders on LA Streets

NewsTaco December 27, 2016

*Don’t mean to dampen your holiday mood, but this is important and not only in LA: “Twelve percent of the 7.1 million people the Regional Food Bank serves annually, more […]

L.A. Murder – Not The Real Story Any More

NewsTaco January 4, 2016

**Some reassuring news hidden behind Los Angeles murder stats. Context makes the difference in urban settings, along the border, anywhere that numbers are used to paint pictures. VL By Sam […]

Journalist Sam Quinones is on a Mission to Photograph Every Mural of La Virgen de Guadalupe In LA

NewsTaco December 18, 2015

*Sam Quiñoes has been making pictures of Virgen de Guadalupe murals in Los Angeles since 2010. He does it on his spare time and has lost count of the mural […]

Do Latino Neighborhoods Have More to Fear from Gentrification?

NewsTaco July 3, 2015

*A fascinating read! It turns out that traditional Latino neighborhoods are more prone to gentrification because new white residents are less likely to move into a neighborhood that has a […]

Boxer Enriquez, the Mexican Mafia, LAPD – What’s the problem?

NewsTaco January 30, 2015

*Although nefarious, the Mexican Mafia is one of So Cal’s important institutions. Sam Quiñones tell us we need to know how it works. VL By Sam Quiñones, A Reporter’s Blog […]

As a legend passes, a Walmart in Compton?

NewsTaco January 12, 2015

*In many parts around the country these swap meets (in Texas we call them pulgas) serve as immigrant business incubators, they sustain families and communities. Sam Quiñones tell us that […]