Critics Say Questions About Citizenship Could Wreck Chances for an Accurate 2020 Census

Critics Say Questions About Citizenship Could Wreck Chances for an Accurate 2020 Census

Victor Landa January 3, 2018

WASHINGTON — A request by the Justice Department to ask people about their citizenship status in the 2020 census is stirring a broad backlash from census experts and others who […]

Trump’s hard line on immigration could threaten the accuracy of the census

Victor Landa September 6, 2017

The Trump administration has used the most of its federal authority to crack down on immigrants in the United States. But when it comes to the 2020 census, it will […]

Garcia is now the sixth-most-common surname in the U.S.

NewsTaco December 28, 2016

*Good story, but GREAT graphic! (Yes, I’m a data/graphics geek. . .)VL By Spe Chen, VICE (2 minute read)  Sorry, Millers, there are now more Garcias in the U.S. That’s […]

Hispanic Surnames on the Rise in U.S. as Immigration Surges

NewsTaco December 16, 2016

*Check it out, there are more Garcia’s in the U.S. than there are Miller’s, Davis’s, Wilson’s and Anderson’s. VL By Sam Roberts, New York Times (2.5 minute read)   Taylor and […]

A Member on Trump’s Transition Team Spent 55 Pages Explaining How Latinos Already Make America Great

NewsTaco December 15, 2016

*We’ve been referring to the study mentioned in this piece all week on NewsTaco. Our Taquista friends at the Latino Donor Collaborative, who sponsored the study, sent us a copy […]

Latino Veterans, by the numbers

NewsTaco November 11, 2016

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco Happy Veteran’s Day! To all U.S. Veteran’s, thank you for your service. I’m sensing we all need a break from the barrage of political news. So […]

The Latino Giant is Voting Because it Decided to, Not Because it woke Up

NewsTaco November 8, 2016

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco If what we’ve been hearing from early voter turnout is true, this is a statement year for Latino politics and for the Latino vote. Less than […]