The Long Haired Man Who Saved Me (It’s not who you think)

Mary Mata June 12, 2012

By Oscar Barajas It was the awful year of 1989, and I was getting ready to transition to junior high school. It all weighed heavily on my mind, because the […]

Xicanosmosis: Mariachi El Bronx

Mary Mata

On Gender Disparities: Can Women Be Blamed For Machismo?

Mary Mata

Mathematician: Chicanos Have Only One Degree Of Separation

Mary Mata June 11, 2012

By Maria Puriaima, Pocho Ñews Service (PNS reporting from EAST LOS)  All people have six degrees of separation? Hells, nah! A new study by an area mathematician begs to differ. “The truth […]

Dear MasterCard: The Mayans & Their Calendar Screwed Us Over

Mary Mata June 8, 2012

Dear MasterCard: I like what you’ve done with your hair. It really brings out your eyes. You’ve lost some weight, haven’t you? Pilates? Whatever it is that you’re doing, keep […]

Movie Review: Ted

Mary Mata

By Tyler Stevens, The Young Folks Though I’m not a huge Family Guy fan (it’s too hit-or-miss for my liking), I did find myself rather excited for Ted, the directorial debut from the […]

Frida Kahlo, 1932

Mary Mata June 7, 2012

From the textmex obsessed imagination of William A. Nericcio Frida Kahlo, 1932 | Yale Beinecke Digital Library  source: This post first appeared in the textmex galleryblog. William Anthony Nericcio, aka “Memo,” […]