New Census Data Show US Becoming More Diverse

New Census Data Show US Becoming More Diverse

NewsTaco June 22, 2017

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco (1.5 minue read)   This may be why the Caucasian voters at Trump rallies have become angry-white voters: The county is getting browner. At least, that’s […]

Without More Census Funding, Disadvantaged Communities Risk Being Overlooked Most

NewsTaco May 22, 2017

*This story has been flying under the radar, with all the attention going to the Trumpian antics. But we need to shine a constant light on it because it will […]

Minority babies are the majority among the nation’s infants, but only just

NewsTaco June 24, 2016

*The day minorites become the majority in the U.S. is already here, among babies younger than 1-year-old. We’re not surprised. VL By D’Vera Cohn, Pew Research Center Factank (3 minute […]

Should “Hispanic” be a race?

NewsTaco June 8, 2016

*First off, this shouldn’t be a serious question. Second, the answer is no. Third, who is “Jane the Actuary.” Fourth, give this piece a chance, Jane says there should be […]

Census Changes Could Make Whites Less Than 50 Percent Sooner

NewsTaco November 19, 2015

*There’s a good infographic that circulated in social media networks recently, done by NPR it showed how much the “race” question had changed on census forms since 1850. For instance, those […]

Hispanic population reaches record 55 million, but growth has cooled

NewsTaco June 29, 2015

*While the U.S. Latino population continues to grow, there are some changes to report. The growth rate is slowing, and there is evidence that Latinos are dispersing widely across the […]

Jeb Bush identified himself as ‘Hispanic’ in 2009 form

NewsTaco April 6, 2015

*Wait. What? This opens a crate filled with cans of worms. The Hispanic/ Latino/ Indigenous/ Mestizo/ Chicano/ Mexicano/ Salvadoreño/ Dominicano/ Boricua/ etc… community has been in “dialogue” about the issue […]