Treasure Trove Of Pulp Fiction “Africans” And “Mexicans”

Treasure Trove Of Pulp Fiction “Africans” And “Mexicans”

Mary Mata August 16, 2012

From the textmex obsessed imagination of Memo Nericcio more here: This post first appeared in the textmex galleryblog. William Anthony Nericcio, aka “Memo,” is the Director of San Diego State University’s […]

Fabulous Latinas Defy Stereotypes

Mary Mata April 30, 2012

By Paloma Corredor, Voxxi Being Latina is cool and trendy. Just look at Jennifer Lopez, Penélope Cruz and María Elena Salinas. Latinas are creative, powerful and strong, right? Not exactly, if we […]

Acclaimed Web Series “East Willy B” Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Mary Mata April 26, 2012

By Renée Saldaña Sometimes, it seems like mainstream media just doesn’t get it when it comes to portraying Latinos on television. From ABC’s “Work It“, Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Miami“, […]

Self Awareness Reveals Not So Subtle Stereotypes

Mary Mata April 5, 2012

I imagine that most minorities who are self-aware have the occasional, or perhaps even perpetual, underlying fear of fulfilling racial stereotypes. It’s an anxiety that I’m still trying to unpack. […]

“Give Chase” Is A Movie Where “Brown” People Are Just People

Mary Mata March 26, 2012

Imagine being able to turn on the television, or walk into a movie theater, and seeing people living their fictional lives that look like you. What if Latinos, blacks, Asians […]

Why Latinos Should Go See “Casa De Mi Padre”

Mary Mata March 17, 2012

By Jose Cruz, There has been no question to how this site has felt about this Friday’s release of the new film Casa De Mi Padre. Even before the first […]

CafePress Removes Anti-Mexican Products Page

NewsTaco February 29, 2012

How quickly things change when good people speak up. Yesterday NewsTaco brought to light the repulsive products and racist anti-Mexican products that were being sold through CafePress. A group that […]