Want to build the second century of American conservation? Look to César Chávez.

Want to build the second century of American conservation? Look to César Chávez.

NewsTaco April 12, 2016

*César Chavez’s son writes about his father as a guide for Latinos as the future of American conservation.  It makes good sense for Latinos to take the lead of the […]

US Agriculture Department Inducts Cesar Chavez into ‘Hall of Heroes’

NewsTaco November 9, 2015

*I heard César Chávez’s name invoked so many times this past week, so many calls for boycotting NBC and Saturday Night Live “like César would have.” The timing of Trumps […]

Thinking of César Chávez and a Changing Climate

NewsTaco August 5, 2015

*Climate change and the environment may sound like new struggles, new causas, but they’re as ingrained as Cesar Chavez’s organizing ideas. VL By Jose Gonzalez, Green Chicano “It’s amazing how […]

A friendship for the ages

NewsTaco June 10, 2015

*Kerry Kennedy writes about her father’s (Bobby Kennedy) friendship with Cesar Chavez. It’s a piece about a special bond between two visionaries, about their legacy and the work to be […]

Military honors planned for Cesar Chavez, Navy vet

NewsTaco April 21, 2015

*Full military honors for Cesar Chavez, 22 years after his death. When he served in the Navy, 1944-46, Mexican-Americans were only allowed to be deckhands and painters. h/t to Taquista […]

Latino Leaders Who Were Inspired By Martin Luther King And The Civil Rights Movement

NewsTaco January 19, 2015

*Fantastic list, fantastic legacy. VL The legacy and continued influence of Martin Luther King Jr. is undeniable, even if it has not yet fully been realized. As Latinos, we recognize the impact he […]

Cesar Chavez’s grandson sues Arizona candidate for using activist’s name on ballot

NewsTaco June 12, 2014

*A follow-up to the piece we posted yesterday about the  Arizona Democratic Party suing Cesar Chavez (formally Scott Fistler) for attempting to mislead voters in Arizona’s 7th district. Cesar Chavez’s (the […]