Wave Of Immigration Bills In Arizona Sparks Threats Of Renewed Boycott

Wave Of Immigration Bills In Arizona Sparks Threats Of Renewed Boycott

NewsTaco April 8, 2016

*It’s on, again, if things don’t change in Arizona. VL By Jude Joffe-Block, Fronteras (6 minute read) A pro-immigrant coalition of organizations is threatening to revive an Arizona boycott if pending immigration-related […]

the Latino daily – Your Friday morning brief


FRIDAY, April 8, 2016 Good morning Taquistas! I hope you weren’t expecting a quiet Friday to lead you into the weekend, because there’s lots of news to get this morning […]

U.S. Ninth Circuit Decrees that DACA Recipients are Entitled to Arizona Driver’s Licenses

NewsTaco April 7, 2016

*The story is that public safety and a bootstrapping attitude trump fear based laws every time. nd I mean bootstrapping to call attention to the resourcefulness of DACA workers and students how […]

Many Arizona Latinos Dissatisfied with Two Major Political Parties

NewsTaco December 17, 2015

*A recent Univision poll had similar results. That poll said there was a  large group of Latino voters who didn’t identify with either political party and were therefore “persuadable.” Critics […]

Arizona panel directs cash for border fence to technology

NewsTaco November 10, 2015

*The headline hides what I think is the real story. Four years ago the Arizona legislature began raising private funds to build a $50 million fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. […]

Judge blocks sheriff Joe Arpaio’s raids on undocumented workers in Arizona

NewsTaco January 6, 2015

*This is good, kinda. The federal ruling says Arpaio’s raids are probably unconstitutional. So a judge stopped them. We’ll see if this preeliminary injunction holds up. VL   By Rory […]

Day 1 – Arizona: Ground Zero on Immigration

NewsTaco September 4, 2014

*Dr. Gabriela Lemus,  Executive Director of the Progressive Congress, is in Arizona on a listening tour on immigration. This is the first of several reports that she’ll be filing on NewsTaco. […]