Republican Rot!!!!

Republican Rot!!!!

NewsTaco October 11, 2016

*Henry Flores says that the seed that produced Donald Trump was planted several generations ago, in 1962, when the GOP formed a power coalition that grabbed power then ossified. VL […]

How Trump is the child of a narcissistic, unholy political marriage

NewsTaco August 18, 2016

*Henry Flores tell us that the GOP lost control of their party back when they plotted a political takeover. VL By Henry Flores, NewsTaco When Dwight David Eisenhower left the presidency […]

Despite what he says, Donald Trump stokes fear against Latinos

NewsTaco July 22, 2016

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco This won’t come as a surprise to Latinos who’ve been following the presidential election.  Donald Trump doesn’t like us, despite the many times he says we […]

The Republican three-ring presidential show

NewsTaco January 7, 2016

*From our friend Tomas Ricardo’s perspective the GOP presiodential race is happening under the big top. VL By Tomas Ricardo, Friend of NewsTaco The vaudeville show is done. The entertainment […]

What Does Donald Trump Really Represent

NewsTaco September 2, 2015

*Now that the dust is settling after the Trump-Ramos ordeal, we can begin to question the energy behind the headlines. Who are the people who approve of Trump?Are they many, […]

Trump Anti-Latino Flare-Ups Result Of GOP’s Risky Behavior

NewsTaco August 27, 2015

*Nuño makes an important point in the Trump/Ramos aftermath. Trump has said outrageous things as candidate for the presidency, yet the outrage spills over a tossed reporter. This isn’t about […]

GOP needs 40% of Latino votes to win White House in 2016, Republican pollster says

NewsTaco April 2, 2015

*So there’s a magic number, 40%. Here’s what gets my head spinning about this: Smart, survivalist politics says the GOP understands it needs only a specific number of Latino votes […]