Pablo Neruda poems ‘of extraordinary quality’ discovered

Pablo Neruda poems ‘of extraordinary quality’ discovered

NewsTaco June 20, 2014

*Subhead: More than 20 unseen works found, which his publisher says amount to ‘a literary event of universal significance.’ VL By Alison Flood, The Guardian More than 20 unpublished poems by Pablo Neruda – […]

One poet who won’t be boxed in

July 2, 2013

By Jenny Patiño, Latina Voices According to Cuban-American poet Rita María Martínez, if you attend one of her readings “expecting that every poem is going to have coconuts in it, or […]

Chicanísima Chicago Cultural Calendar: April 2013

April 16, 2013

By Teresa Puente, Chicanísima We’re still waiting for spring to arrive in Chicago, but there are plenty of reasons to get out of the house this month. Here is a selection […]

Latino Inauguration Poet Discusses Impact of Inaugural Reading

February 27, 2013

By Dorie Baker, Yale News Is the inaugural poem a new sub-genre of poetry? According to two practitioners of the form, the answer might be “yes.” Poet Richard Blanco and […]

Our People, Our Future: Richard Blanco in Conversation

January 22, 2013

By Ricardo Blanco, Click on picture to read story. [Photo courtesy]

What Chicanos Can Learn From Steve Jobs in a New Era

December 27, 2012

By DeeDee Garcia Blase, Huffington Post Latino Voices December 21, 2012, is a thing of the past now. We survived the end of the world even though some predicted it would end, […]

Ricardo Yañez Reads “Hymn To Vatos” (Video)

July 5, 2012

By Tia Tenopia, Latinopia The Librotraficante Banned Book Caravan swept through Southwest cities in March of 2012.  The caravan was bringing banned books to the high school students of Tucson, […]