Expect immigration reform to be next

Expect immigration reform to be next

NewsTaco June 30, 2015

*Hopeful thinking in the momentum of Obamacare and same-sex marriage.  Barreto says it’s possible as part of an overall progressive shift. VL By Matt Barreto, New York Times [tweet_dis]Public opinion […]

Why Is Texas ‘Really’ Not Expanding the Medicaid Program?

NewsTaco May 13, 2015

By Juan H. Flores, NewsTaco Texas legislators are holding firm in their decision not to accept the 66 billion in federal dollars available under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to expand […]

Latino Health Care 5 Years After the ACA: Findings from the Latino National Health and Immigration Survey

NewsTaco March 30, 2015

*Here are some interesting numbers that came from this study on Latinos and the ACA: the overall percentage of uninsured Latinos has decreased since Obamacare; 1 in 4 Latinos haven’t […]

Insuring undocumented residents could help solve multiple U.S. health care challenges

NewsTaco March 20, 2015

*Two things stand out in this article: the authors of the study and the specificity of their findings. The three authors, researchers at UCLA and Berkeley, are Latino, and they’re […]

Do you want my baby? An Affordable Care Act Love Story

NewsTaco February 9, 2015

By Jessica Priego, NewsTaco Last I checked, neither my pharmacist nor my insurance company wants my future baby. Barack doesn’t want my fantasy baby either (we are on a first […]

Health care campaign reaches out to Latinos

NewsTaco January 15, 2015

*Latinos in Texas are three times as likely as whites to be uninsured. I’m sure the number is similar across the country. VL By Lora Hines, Houston Chronicle With one […]

Many Latino Adults Still Uninsured As Overall Uninsured Rate Falls to New Lows

NewsTaco January 13, 2015

*34.2 percent of Latinos are still uninsured. The percentage is significantly down since 21013, but there’s obvious work to be done. VL By Michael Oleaga, Latin Post The rate of […]