House Republican Leaders To Outline Immigration Principles

House Republican Leaders To Outline Immigration Principles

Mary Mata January 30, 2014

By Associated Press/Huffington Post Latino Voices WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republican leaders plan to outline broad immigration principles, including legalization for the 11 million immigrants living here illegally, to the […]

RNC hires Hispanic state and field directors in 7 states

Mary Mata October 8, 2013

By Monica Suarez, NBCLaino In an effort to build a ‘grassroots infrastructure,” the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Monday it is adding Hispanic field and state directors in California, Florida, New Jersey, […]

2012 Top Moments in Latino Politics, #5

Mary Mata December 18, 2012

By Jose Cruz, Our Tiempo In one of the dumbest statements of the year an East Haven, Connecticut Mayor respond to charges that police officers in his town harassed, abused […]

2012 Top moments in Latino Politics, #3

NewsTaco December 13, 2012

By Jose Cruz, Our Tiempo #3 Mitt Romney’s “Self-Deportation” Comment In an effort to cater to the far-right base, Romney made a comment during the Arizona GOP primary debate that […]

George W. Bush: Immigration Reform Needed To Boost Economy

Mary Mata December 5, 2012

By Elise Foley, Huffington Post Latino Voices WASHINGTON — Former President George W. Bush stressed the importance of immigration on Tuesday at a speech in Dallas, throwing himself back in […]

New Immigration Laws Are Coming, Whether It’s Under Obama or Romney

NewsTaco November 6, 2012

By John Rudolph, Feet In 2 Wworlds No matter who wins the presidential election, U.S. immigration laws will significantly change in the next four years. I’m not saying that it […]

Abortion & Same-sex Marriage: Latinos as Split as the Rest

NewsTaco October 25, 2012

By Juhem Navarro-Rivera, Public Religion Research Institute Since the 1980s, conventional wisdom about Hispanic Americans suggests that although they tend to vote primarily for Democrats, they do so primarily for economic […]