Seeking better data on Hispanics, Census Bureau may change how it asks about race

Seeking better data on Hispanics, Census Bureau may change how it asks about race

NewsTaco April 20, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because U.S. Latino identity is a story that never ends. Because the U.S. Census count is too important to get it wrong, again. Because I […]

Coming To Terms With “Latinx”

NewsTaco March 30, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because Latino identity is complex enough without adding another option. Becasue this young Latina asks good questions about the Latinx choice. VL By Arianna Davis, […]

The Making of a Mexican-American Dream

NewsTaco March 8, 2017

*There are two pieces that I believe you should read today. I’ll be posting both of them and I’ll start with this one. It’s a 30 minute read, but it’s […]

‘Latinx is me’: How one letter links controversy, community

NewsTaco August 18, 2016

*Where do you fall on Latinx? I’m not a fan. I understand that people want a non-binary gender term that fits them. But I don’t think it’ll stick. Because if […]

America Is Obsessed With Identity. Thanks, Obama?

NewsTaco February 18, 2016

*This is going to be very interesting. Code Switch will be exploring what they call “The Obama Effect” on identity. The premise is that President Obama, instead of ushering an […]

Rubio, Cruz and the politics of Latino Authenticity

NewsTaco February 16, 2016

*This Rubio-Cruz “who-is-more-Hispanic” feud is the latest iteration of an old discussion. Falcon writes that the argument over the terms and over Latino-ness is “subject to a wide range of cultural […]

For Many Latinos, Race Is More Culture Than Color

NewsTaco January 25, 2016

*This is an old issue, but this article focuses, in part, on the political consequences of the answer. Political representation (voting districts) is divided by racial identification with the idea […]