DIECIOCHO Podcast: Adán Medrano on Thanksgiving

DIECIOCHO Podcast: Adán Medrano on Thanksgiving

NewsTaco November 23, 2016

By Victor Landa,  NewsTaco What is Texas-Mexican food? It’s not Tex-Mex, that’s something else. According to author, chef, and film maker Adán Medrano Texas-Mexican is part of the rich tradition […]

Smoked Turkey For Thanksgiving

NewsTaco November 22, 2016

*I’m not going to spend too much space with an introduction. This is good stuff and more than just a recipe there’s history and culture too. All I’ll say is […]

Mexico Is Having A Fight Over The Word ‘Mezcal’

NewsTaco October 21, 2016

*It’s the same drink, produced a few miles from the official government cut-off line, but it can’t be called Mezcal. It’s not about taste and it’s not about geography, it’s […]

Spanish-Speakers’ Citrus Struggle: The Confusing Debate Over How to Say Lemon/Lime en Español

NewsTaco October 12, 2016

*This happened to me the other day when I ordered a Topo Chico with lemon as my lunch drink. The server took there steps and returned. “Is that lime or […]

The Best Way to Drink Tequila is Out of a Casserole Dish

NewsTaco October 10, 2016

*This is a good piece, except for how they call cazuelas casseroles. They’re right, though, the best way to drink tequila is from a cazuela. VL By Duncan Tuckier, VICE […]

Green Salsa Serrano en Molcajete

NewsTaco October 7, 2016

*I know one of you is going to try this this weekend. Let us know how it turned out. VL By Adán Medrano, Adán’s Blog Green Salsa, Serrano chile, is […]

China Is Ready To Outpace The U.S. In Tequila Consumption

NewsTaco October 5, 2016

*There’s a sense of pride that says this can’t stand. Tequila exports to China increased by 70 percent this year and China is poised to be the top Tequila consumer […]