Resurrecting the Legacy of Selena

Resurrecting the Legacy of Selena

NewsTaco June 16, 2015

*If Selena were alive. I know how it sounds, but it a good read. VL By Michelle Garcia, Texas Observer If only Selena were here. I keep wondering what the […]

“To Selena with Love” Helps Us Remember How To Love Her

Mary Mata March 27, 2012

By Wuicho Vargas Selena Quintanilla-Perez was, and will still be, our Queen of Tejas, our beautiful flower of Corpus Christi. It is March already, and along with the arrival of […]

Selena’s Music Is Back, But It’s Not Better

Mary Mata February 27, 2012

By Wuicho Vargas One of the most beautiful Tejano singers I know is back; Selena’s voice will once again roam the radio stations in the United States in the form of […]

Working Towards Clean Energy Is Important To Me As A Latina

Mary Mata January 19, 2012

By Sonya Cortez Corpus Christi, Texas — I am the most important person in the United States: a young, unmarried, Hispanic female. So according to the research, I am part […]

Is There Tejano Culture Without Tejano Music?

Mary Mata August 31, 2011

By Wuicho Vargas Music, for me is more than just a bunch of notes played together at a certain rhythm. Music, for me, es vida!  I listen to all kinds of […]

Texas Congressman: Drug Test The Unemployed

Mary Mata May 3, 2011

Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold recently told a town hall meeting audience in Brownsville, Texas that people who are unemployed and on other public benefits should probably be drug tested, because it’s […]