How to Get Free Help With Your Taxes

How to Get Free Help With Your Taxes

Mary Mata March 24, 2014

SPONSORED CONTENT By Eileen Ambrose, AARP Milagros Aguas used to pay someone toprepare her taxes until her employer filed for bankruptcy and she lost her job. That’s when a friend recommended AARP Foundation […]

Losing your job and taxes

Mary Mata March 3, 2014

SPONSORED CONTENT By Alan Kalman, AARP A significant number of individuals have lost their job over the last few years. Some of you will lose your jobs over the next […]

Are Social Security Benefits Taxable?

Mary Mata February 17, 2014

SPONSORED CONTENT By Alan Kalman, AARP Please note that all references to Social Security benefits in this article include the equivalent benefits (Tier 1 SSEB) received by retired railroad employees. Additionally, […]

Unemployment Compensation Benefits and Your Taxes

Mary Mata February 10, 2014

SPONSORED CONTENT By A. Kalman, AARP In 1935, during the Roosevelt administration, Congress passed the the Social Security Act. Buried in that law was the creation of the federal – […]

Tax Records, How Long Should I Keep Them?

Mary Mata February 3, 2014

SPONSORED CONTENT By J. Young, AARP Ask ten economists the same question and the range of answers you get will be surprising.  This also holds true when you ask Enrolled […]

What Are Your Payment Options If You Can’t Pay the IRS in Full?

Mary Mata January 27, 2014

SPONSORED CONTENT By Alan Kalman, AARP Every tax season I have some clients that are not able to pay the amount they owe the IRS (technically they owe the US Treasury, […]

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide: There are Tax Credits People Don’t Know They Have

Mary Mata December 31, 2013

SPONSORED CONTENT After twelve years of helping people of all ages and walks of life with their tax returns, Sandra Mills says “the thing most people don’t realize is that every […]