Bilingual Immigrants Are Healthier, Study Finds

Mary Mata March 8, 2012

By Hope Gillette Stress and discrimination may play a role in the declining health of immigrants, however, a recent Stanford University study revealed there are far more factors at work than common […]

How Clean Air Standards Save Lives

Mary Mata March 6, 2012

Guapura 101: How To Find The Perfect Red Lipstick

Mary Mata March 5, 2012

Teenage Mothers And Unwanted Pregnancies

Mary Mata March 1, 2012

Life with kids, even with a partner that helps in their upbringing, can be difficult. But facing the same reality as a single, teenage mother who never thought that it […]

3 Ways To Fight Antibiotic Resistance In Your Food Supply

Mary Mata February 28, 2012

By Avinash Kar In the last few months, I have been talking a lot about what FDA is failing to do to effectively regulate antibiotics in animal feed and protect […]

Guapura 101: A Little Eyeshadow Can Make Your Eyeliner Pop

Mary Mata February 27, 2012

This week’s tip comes from my actual face, upon which I applied a little eyeshadow before I applied eyeliner in order to make the eyeliner stronger over the weekend. The […]

How Can I Convince My Ex-Fiancé To Marry Me?

Mary Mata February 23, 2012

Dear Martha, I have been with my boyfriend for four years; the relationship has been very unstable, we break up and get back together all the time. We have formalized […]