The Pain Of Summer Searches For Chores (Shorts)

Summer is here, or at least it will be soon, and you know what that means ladies — the ever painful search for chores, or unos chor, or shorts if you want to be really picky about it. Slogging through store after store looking for a garment that, at once, can handle my larger-than-average (at least based on how it fits into most clothes) derrière and then manage to not slip off my hips while giving me enough room for my thighs is an annual chore (like task, not shorts) that I never look forward to.

Just the other day I went running in a pair of shorts I thought fit me, at least they did in the dressing room of the store. But, to my disappointment, when I went running in them, my butt pushed the back of the shorts up by 2 or 3 inches as per usual, causing the darn things to ride up on me constantly, thus making my run a constant battle against those darn chores.

I was lucky enough last year to happen upon a pair of shorts that fit really well, and even into this year as I stick pretty closely to the News Taco diet. I have a collection of other shorts that fit all sorts of other ways. I have one pair that fits my butt, but to the detriment of the front of my shorts, making it uncomfortable to wear them. Then there’s another one pair of country club-ish shorts that fit all right, but, because my waist is considerably more slender than my hips they end up sagging and I look like a country club cholo (can you imagine?).

I’d go into other examples, but I think you get the idea.

Like I said, the whole thing is a nightmare. Sigh, I guess I’ll just have to make do with the current pair of diamond-in-the-rough chores that I own, and hope that in the future I can come across another. Of course there’s always the option of making my own clothes — I do know how to sew — but I’m a mediocre seamstress and anything too complicated (such as a pair of shorts) are bound to come out messed up. Hijole, if it weren’t for my love of the sun this whole chores quagmire would almost not be worth it!

Anyways ladies, if you have any similar stories, suggestions or remedies, let’s have at it, in the meantime I’m going to figure out as many ways as possible to take my one pair of chores (or chor if you like) and accessorize the heck out of them.

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