Colombia President Will Donate Nobel Peace Prize Money to Victims

Colombia President Will Donate Nobel Peace Prize Money to Victims

NewsTaco October 12, 2016

*Juan Manuel Santos managed to broker peace with the FARC guerillas. Now he’s working on a peace deal with the National Liberation Army (ELN). VL By Associated Press (2.5 minute read) […]

Colombia And FARC Rebels Reach Historic Peace Deal After Bloody War

NewsTaco August 25, 2016

*I was at a gathering last night when the news of the peace deal buzzed on mobile devices.It’s what most people talked about the rest of the evening. VL By […]

Music From Colombia, Mexico City, LA And More At SXSW

Mary Mata March 15, 2012

Tuesday was the first day of SXSW music, a day in which I realized that you couldn’t avoid watching performers even if you tried. Wander the streets surrounding the Austin […]

Being An Agent Of Change In Colombia

Mary Mata March 10, 2012

By Armando Rayo This SXSW coverage is sponsored by Univision News.  Panelists: Andrés Traslaviña & Daniel Medina Great panel discussion regarding how social media has allowed citizens to engage in the […]

Thousands Protest HS Valedictorian Facing Deportation In Miami

Mary Mata March 6, 2012

North Miami Senior High gained national attention Friday when more than 2600 students and teachers walked out of class in the biggest immigration protest in South Florida since 2004. Colombian sisters […]

Big Agriculture’s Latin American Exploits

Mary Mata September 28, 2011

By William A. Collins, You may wonder why President Barack Obama is so intent on passing a free-trade agreement with Colombia. One answer is simple enough: Big Agriculture. Without any […]

News Taco To Go: Teachers, Jokes, Colombia, Salsa Y Politics

Mary Mata August 17, 2011

Wanted: More Good Latino Teachers Racist Jokes At Work: ‘Oh, But I Didn’t Mean You’ Controversy Surrounds Colombiana Film For Stereotyping Refreshing Watermelon Salsa Bien Hecho: Latina Journalist Runs In […]