Tougher Times For Latino Students? History Says They’ve Never Had It Easy

NewsTaco November 17, 2016

*There’s deep irony in this piece. Latino kids will survive taunts and discrimination in their schools, that’s the good thing. But they’ll survive because it’s not a new thing, they’ve […]

Protests and student walkouts mark the week after Trump’s win

NewsTaco November 15, 2016

How I’m teaching my children to deal with a Trump presidency

NewsTaco November 10, 2016

A teacher explains the Trump effect and how to defeat it after Election Day

NewsTaco November 8, 2016

*This is good, worth you time investment. It’s an account of facing Trumpism is the trenches, in the public schools. VL By Ray Salazer, The White Rhino (7.5 minute read)  […]

Chicago Public Schools students reveal resilience

NewsTaco November 1, 2016

*My pick for lunch break read of the day. Chicago teacher Ray Salazar shares some of his students’ inspiring personal essays. VL By Ray Salazar, The White Rhino (1 minute read, […]

Stop expecting academia to love you

NewsTaco October 31, 2016

*Ray Salazar says the professor needs to apologize to Tiffany Martinez, but she should apologize to hersellf as well for not “recognizing their academic self-worth.” Think he’s right? VL By […]

California Voters Support Bi-lingual Ed, But Schools Not Prepared

NewsTaco October 27, 2016

*They voted to do away with bilingual education in 1998, now they want it back. VL By Jeremy Adam Smith, New America Media (6.5 minute read) SAN FRANCISCO — In 1998, California […]