Internet Tiered Pricing will Hamper Latinos

NewsTaco October 6, 2014

*I was asked to write an op-ed on Latinos and net neutrality for the Houston Chronicle. This is what I wrote. It was published last Sunday. VL By Victor Landa, […]

Why there aren’t more Latinos in the tech industry

NewsTaco August 26, 2014

Blacks, Latinos Dominate Silicon Valley’s ‘Invisible Workforce’


Net Neutrality’s Brain Drain and Distraction

NewsTaco July 24, 2014

*This is a case against net neutrality. It’s an argument that says that regulating the internet like a utility would slow its speed, innovation and growth. It argues that the […]

Open Letter to Latin@ Leaders Concerning Net Neutrality

Mary Mata July 16, 2014

Dear Latin@ Leader: From protest songs, to news stories, to campaigns for social change, our community has long understood that the right and power to tell our own stories is […]

Maya, Marquez, Mandela: The Disease of Fakebook

NewsTaco June 5, 2014

*Facebook faking is to social media what marijuana is to drugs – a gateway addiction. *smirk* This is an intriguing read. Google makes everyone an instant expert on everything. VL […]

Protest Grows Against FCC’s Plan for Tiered Internet

NewsTaco May 20, 2014

*This is one of the top issues for Latinos today. But it gets nowhere near the attention it deserves. Open internet is vital to the Latino community’s future. The plan […]