Kids With Undocumented Parents Less Likely To Finish HS

Mary Mata October 26, 2011

A new study from UC Irvine finds that children of legal immigrants are more likely to complete high school and spend an average of two more years in school than […]

4,000 U.S. Citizens Wrongly Detained By ICE

NewsTaco October 25, 2011

Thoughts On The Dominican Republic And Its Diaspora

Mary Mata October 24, 2011

Immigration Laws Are Affecting Foreign Investments


There’s more fallout to report from state-level immigration laws.  It’s important because states like Arizona, Georgia and Alabama have turned into laboratories of consequences. In the weeks and months since those state’s approved […]

Latino Kids In Alabama Bullied Since Immigration Law Passed

Mary Mata

It should come as no surprise that, in the wake of Alabama’s anti-Latino immigrant law, sentiments towards Latinos in that state are becoming less than civil. If it wasn’t something […]

Ala. Employers Face Threats, Boycotts For Defending Latinos

Mary Mata

Since the harsh anti-immigrant law in Alabama went into effect last month, employers in the agriculture and restaurant industries have been dealing with the aftermath of labor shortages and even […]

Violence Against Border Agents Declines, Despite War Rhetoric

Mary Mata

By Melissa del Bosque Despite some politicians characterizing the U.S. side of the border as a war zone, statistics released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection show that assaults against […]