Experts Say Depression Rates Among Latinos Likely to Rise Under Trump

NewsTaco November 28, 2016

*So the President-elect has become a mental health issue? VL By Francisco Castro, New America Media (3 minute read)   NEW ORLEANS, La. — In 2014, Professor Patrick Johansson of the […]

Latino Boomers Report Having Positive Outlook on Health

NewsTaco October 27, 2016

Focus on the majority leaves key research on minority populations untouched

NewsTaco October 25, 2016

Latinos DO age slower than anyone else – and their genes ‘hold the key to prolonging youthfulness’

NewsTaco August 17, 2016

*I love when geeks say Latinos age slower at the molecular level (I nod and say “I knew that.”) By Mia De Graf, Daily Mail Latinos age slower than any […]

Research finds health cost for motivated, disadvantaged youth

NewsTaco April 8, 2016

*There’s a paradox, that education and income are good for your health, but the stress of getting them is detrimental throughout life. The paradox, studies say, is more pronounced in […]

Among Latinos, HIV awareness starts with #onecovnversation

NewsTaco March 1, 2016

By Veronica Landa, NewsTaco There’s a quiet, if counterintuitive, victory happening: the population of those infected with HIV is going up, but the number of new infections is holding steady. […]

In ‘No Más Bebés,’ A ‘Perfect Storm’ Led To Unwanted Sterilizations For Many Latinas

NewsTaco February 1, 2016

*This airs tonight on PBS. It’s worth watching, or recording. It tells the story of women who were given tubal ligations without their authorization. Yes, this happened, in Los Angeles […]