New Census data show strong 2015 earnings with Latinos seeing fastest growth

NewsTaco September 14, 2016

*The good news? That Latino earnings are up to $62,950. The bad? That 28.9 percent of Latinos younger than 18 live in poverty. VL By Valerie Wilson, Economic Policy Institute […]

Latino unemployment rose slightly in August

NewsTaco September 2, 2016

Jobs Report: Latino Unemployment Rate Falls in July

NewsTaco August 8, 2016

Banks’ Embrace of Jumbo Mortgages Means Fewer Loans for Blacks, Hispanics

NewsTaco June 2, 2016

*This is the kind of story that tends to fly under the radar. Banks now have a preference for “jumbo” mortgages, those for more than $417,000. They are less of a […]

Latinos will outspend millennials by 2020

NewsTaco May 3, 2016

*Millennials? ppfftt . . . Check it out. VL By Tonya Garcia, Market Watch [tweet_dis]Hispanic growth in income and population across all ages will drive increases in consumer spending that […]

Julián Castro pushes back against liberal critics

NewsTaco April 25, 2016

*Castro on criticism of his handling of HUD’s Distressed Asset Stabilization Program: “Just shouting ‘Wall Street,’ sloganeering in a way, does not go to the merits of the program and how […]

Silicon Valley subcontracting makes income inequality worse, report finds

NewsTaco March 31, 2016

*It’s not that there aren’t Latinos doing fantastic work in tech, it’s that Silicon Valley, try as it may to change, is still blind to communities of color. So the […]