What About My Guacamole?! How a 20 Percent Tariff on Mexican Imports Would Affect You

NewsTaco January 27, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because a 20 percent import tariff for Mexican imports will hit your pocketbook in the long run – in some cases in the short-term. VL By […]

Hispanic leaders wary of Trump’s trade plans

NewsTaco January 23, 2017

The US pays a price for keeping immigrants underemployed

NewsTaco December 23, 2016

Hispanics retire with 70 percent less than whites

NewsTaco December 19, 2016

*Missing in the framing of this story is how Latinos care for their elderly at home and how the economic burden of this kind of elder care isn’t reported. VL […]

Immigrant Families Benefiting from Home-Sharing Economy, Study Finds

NewsTaco December 12, 2016

*Of course! The immigrant energy is resourceful. In fact, that energy persists in the U.S. Latino community. What’s now called the “shared economy,” as if it were a new thing, […]

Why More Mass Deportations Would Be Bad News for the Housing Market

NewsTaco December 9, 2016

*Let’s hope this bit of information is somewhere on Trump’s radar. Judging by his campaign rhetoric and cabinet picks, it’s not. VL By Emily Badger, New York Times (4.5 minute […]

Poll Shows Latinos are More Cautious about Holiday Spending and the Economy

NewsTaco November 18, 2016

*First, it’s been a steady 80-degress-plus in South Texas, hard to get in a holiday mood.  Second, the calendar says otherwise. Third, the Trump election dampened many Latinos’ plans for […]