Trump National Golf Club Fires Dozens of Undocumented Immigrants

Trump National Westchester

"The immigrants in question were longtime employees of the golf course. Many of them had earned employee-of-the-month awards and had received glowing letters of recommendation for other employment."

Dozens of undocumented immigrants employed by Donald Trump’s ‘ Trump National Golf Club ’ in Westchester County, NY were fired earlier this month, as Trump waged a war in Washington to keep others like them from entering the country using a border wall.

The immigrants in question were longtime employees of the golf course. Many of them had earned employee-of-the-month awards and had received glowing letters of recommendation for other employment. A few even had the keys to Eric Trump’s weekend home, The Washington Post reports.

During the firings, employees were told that the company had just audited their immigration documents, which they had submitted years prior, and determined them to be fake. Some of the fired workers had been employed by the property for more than 15 years.

In a statement to The Post, Eric Trump said that the firings were part of a broad effort to identify employees that may have given false information when they were hired, and that “my father is fighting so hard for immigration reform. The system is broken.”

One of the employees at the club stated that it was aware his documents were fake and had even gone as far as to suggest he “go get better ones” when he initially brought documents that looked “too” fraudulent.

The employees are just a few of many undocumented immigrants that have been employed by Trump over the years, raising the question as to whether the President has directly benefitted from the same people he’s now trying to not come into the U.S.


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