Here’s What You Can do to Support DACA

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We've got names, numbers, addresses, and email for you to contact your legislators.

Eight-hundred-thousand DREAMers are in a free fall, for the moment.

As of today, the US Congress has 6 months to legislate a fix for their situation – just as it did in 2001 and 2010 when the DREAM Act was defeated. Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions III made the announcement in his boss’s stead (President Trump may have been otherwise occupied or didn’t have the will to make the announcement himself).

The gamble is that Congress will act, but DREAMers are sixth on their list after Tax Reform, the Debt Ceiling, the Budget, Healthcare and Harvey Relief. Add the holiday break to the mix as well as the incapacity to legislate anything meaningful and the window of opportunity becomes slim, at best.

Still, there is expressed goodwill to work in favor of the DREAMNers. Both House and Senate leaders say they’re on board to make a 2017-2018 DREAM Act possible. But for the record, these are the Senators still in office who voted against the DREAM Act in 2010.

  • Lamar Alexander R Tenn.
  • John Barrasso R Wyo.
  • Richard M. Burr R N.C.
  • Thad Cochran R Miss.
  • Susan Collins R Maine
  • Bob Corker R Tenn.
  • John Cornyn R Texas
  • Michael D. Crapo R Idaho
  • Michael B. Enzi R Wyo.
  • Lindsey Graham R S.C.
  • Charles E. Grassley R Iowa
  • James M. Inhofe R Okla.
  • Johnny Isakson R Ga.
  • John McCain R Arizona
  • Mitch McConnell R Kentucky
  • Jim Risch R Idaho
  • Pat Roberts R Kan.
  • Richard C. Shelby R Ala.
  • Jon Tester D Mont.
  • John Thune R S.D.
  • Roger Wicker R Miss.

Here’s what you can do.

Click on The Grito on the right of your screen to get the contact information for every member of congress. Call them, write to them, email them, numerous times, relentlessly. You can make your voice heard.

And here’s what you can tell them: It’s data to back your argument:

800,000 – The number of undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children by their parents and who are protected from deportation under DACA.

1.9 million – The number of immigrants eligible for DACA

223,000 – The number of DREAMers in California

121,000 – The number of DREAMers in Texas

42,000 – The number of DREAMers in Illinois

42,000 – The number of DREAMers in New York

33,000 – The number of DREAMers in Florida

28,000 – The number of DREAMers in Arizona

27,000 – The number of DREAMers in North Carolina

24,000 – The number of DREAMers in Georgia

22,000 – The number of DREAMers in New Jersey

95 – The percentage of DREAMers who are currently working or in school

63 – The percentage of DREAMers who got a better paying job after DACA

42 – The percentage increase in hourly wages for DREAMers after DACA

48 – The percentage of DREAMers who got a job with better working conditions

54 – The percentage of DREAMers who bought their first car

12 – The percentage of DREAMers who bought their first home

72 – The percentage of DREAMers who are enrolled in higher education

80 – The percentage of DREAMers who got drivers licenses

50 – The percentage of DREAMers who became organ donors

21 – The percentage of DREAMers who work in education and health services

30,000 – The number of DREAMers who would lose their work permits each month as their DACA status expires

433 billion – The amount of losses, in dollars, to the US GDP over 10 years caused by the loss of DACA workers

1,800 – The number of governors, attorneys general, mayors, state representatives, judges, police chiefs and other leaders signed onto a letter supporting Dreamers and DACA recipients.

Source: Newsweek, MSNBC

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Call your legisator

Use your phone, your email, your Tweets. Contact your legislators and urge them to vote to approve the 2017 DREAM Act.


Here are links to find your congressperson or Senator with addresses and numbers to voice your support for DACA:

US House of Representatives

US Senate 

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