Soccer club sues Costa Mesa’s Vanguard University, alleging racism played role in school ending contract

*Too many noisy Mexicans, apparently. VL

The-OC-Register_t658x358By Kelly Puente, Orange County Register (2.5 minute read)

A youth soccer club is suing Vanguard University, alleging the Costa Mesa Christian college broke a contract over use of its athletic field after nearby homeowners complained that the games drew too many Latino families to the neighborhood.

In a lawsuit filed June 9, the Pateadores, a nonprofit soccer club that trains throughout Southern California, says it first entered into an agreement with Vanguard in 2010 to share the private college’s soccer field off Fair Drive and Vanguard Way. The league would in turn pay $196,000 for improvements to the field and campus.

The lawsuit alleges that the college failed to maintain and repair the field and began cutting back on the agreed hours the league could use the field after residents complained that the matches and practices were disturbing the neighborhood.

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The complaints, however, were without merit and were actually meant to rid the neighborhood of a “certain color of person that the neighbors did not like,” . . . READ MORE

[Photo courtesy of Pateadores]

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