NewsTaco Podcast Network, Episode 8: Lionel Sosa, on Latino optimism

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco

This was recorded on the eve of the Wisconsin primary. Naturally, we talked about Trump and the shape of Latino politics and culture.

Lionel Sosa is regarded as a legend in Latino advertising, his work is enshrined in The Smithsonian Institution. I was curious, he being an icon of Latino GOP strategy, about where he stood regarding today’s Republican Party and about the challenges of what he understood as the “Latino brand.”

I reached out to Lionel after I read his Op Ed in the San Antonio Express-News – Should we really be this angry?

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We talked about that, about the “crabs in a bucket” myth that plagues Latinos, about family, about what he calls a “victim mentality,” about the repressive force of poverty and about why he’s optimistic about the U.S. Latino future.

Enjoy, let me know what you think.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]

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