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One of the most important parts of the federal desegregation court order on Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) is the new Unitary Status Plan (USP) which is being worked on right now.

Over the next three days, ending at midnight on November 28th, 2012, thepublic nationwide has an important role to play and that is to comment on the USP.

The USP provides a clear path for the return of MAS classes and its director Sean Arce under Section V.C under the Student Engagement and Support.

To learn more about how exactly this USP lays out this new plan, read this article here.

This is what the comment form at bottom of the page at looks like. Click on image to take you there.

What is important now and how YOU can get involved is to go to the following link and comment at the bottom of the page. These comments go straight to the Special Master and WILL be taken into account when he makes his final decision.

The Special Master Willis Hawley is a university professor and loves details, so if you would like to write a longer message to him with references and citations you can do so by sending your message via email or USPS to:

  • Send an email with your comments to
  • Submit your comments by mail to: USP Comments, P.O. Box 41358, Tucson, AZ 85717-1358.

Remember, however, that the deadline is this Wednesday at 11:59pm.

Every professor, postdoc, graduate student, teacher, student and parent out there from around the country who is interested in education, Ethnic Studies, Chicano Studies, and the future of educating Latinos should submit a comment.

It can be as simple as saying that you want MAS and its director to be returned. Also demand a RETURN OF BILINGUAL EDUCATION. Many of those messages will speak volumes, and will make a difference!

Si se puede!

This article was first published in Three Sonorans.

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