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Tuesday May 22, 2012

Census continues to undercount blacks, Hispanics and kids (USA Today): The latest Census missed hundreds of thousands of blacks, Hispanics, renters, young kids and middle-aged men of all races. People who are here illegally or are poor are harder to find and count because they move more often and may avoid government contact.

 Post-racial America? (New York Post?): At its best, this country absorbs immigrants and makes them fully American. The question is whether we can do it now, with our common culture under assault at the same time we are experiencing a historic wave of immigration.

Education ignored on campaign trail (NBC Latino):  One in five public school students is Hispanic.  So it’s no surprise that education consistently ranks among our top concerns, behind the economy and ahead of immigration.  However, NPR’s Corey Dade recently noted that education has “not been prominent so far on the campaign trail.”  As the son of a teacher and a product of public schools, I find this astonishing; both President Obama and Mitt Romney would do well to clearly define their education policies for our community.

Educators Struggle to Teach Students Whose English is Infused with Spanish (Fox News Latino):  Educators are increasingly concerned about Latino students. Some don’t speak Spanish but use a dialect from Latino neighborhoods in areas such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Houston. Their speech rings with traces of Spanish accents, rhythm and grammar.

Rep. Steve King: Immigrants are like dogs (Salon):  Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, compared immigrants to dogs at a town hall meeting yesterday, telling constituents that the U.S. should pick only the best immigrants the way one chooses the “pick of the litter.”

4 Senators Propose Easing Visa Limits for Highly Skilled (The New York Times):  A bipartisan group of four senators proposed on Tuesday easing visa limits for highly skilled immigrants and foreign students, a move that challenges Congressional leaders on their fixed positions on the issue of immigrationduring an election year.

Immigration agency opens gate for online applications (Federal News Radio):  After years of planning and months of delays, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service launched its portal for online applications on Tuesday. USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas told The Federal Drive.

Chipotle discloses criminal probe on immigration (The Seattle Times):  Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. said on Tuesday that federal prosecutors are investigating the company for possible criminal violations of securities laws related to its hiring practices.

The Beginning Of The End For Sheriff Arpaio (Huffington Post):  I’m sending two flying chanclasos to Sherriff Joe Arpaio and to those that continue to elect him into office. Sheriff Joe is back in the news because the Department of Justice – gracias a dios – filed a lawsuiton May 10 against him and his racist Maricopa County Sheriff Office for improper conduct.

Pixar’s Día de los Muertos movie a nod to Mexican audiences (Los Angeles Times):  The duo’s next movie is a still-untitled project about Día de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday of the dead, which Disney and Pixar first announced at CinemaCon last month. Pixar hasn’t said how the idea of a Día de los Muertos movie came about, nor have they released any details about its plot or characters.

The Myth of Majority-Minority America (Slate):  It’s rare that a Census Bureau press release dominates the front pages, but last week’s headline “Most Children Younger Than 1 Are Minorities, Census Reports” was the thrilling exception. The shortage of white Anglo babies, the press was eager to tell us, was a glimpse of things to come, of America’s future as a majority-minority nation.

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