Latino Politicos In Texas To Romney: “Self Deport” Out Of State

Several Latino politicians in Texas took GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to task today over his stance on the DREAM Act in a statement from the Texas Democratic Party.

Rep. Armando Walle (D-Houston) said:

“If Republicans were serious about reaching out to Hispanics, they’d stop endorsing candidates that are hostile to the Latino community. Romney would easily be the most anti-Hispanic presidential nominee of our time. Only a few minor extremists have ever matched his vitriolic rhetoric towards an entire segment of our population. Romney should self-deport out of Texas.”

Rep. Ana Hernandez Luna (D-Houston), who gained legal status under President Reagan’s 1986 immigration reform said:

“Romney’s threatening to punish hard-working immigrant students who have the potential to be the future of our state. I see myself in many of these students. I would not be where I am today if Mitt Romney had been in the White House instead of President Ronald Reagan. It’s shameful that Romney would use young students to prove to the extremists in his party that he’s conservative enough.”

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