Guapura 101: How To Pack For A Long Trip

Many of us are either currently on a vacation, or will be taking one soon, and so I thought it would be a good opportunity to share a tip that I learned a few years ago that has made packing much easier.

It’s a pretty simple, but effective, little tip. Instead of folding your clothes in halves, quarters, or thirds, I find that if you can roll your clothes as small, little and tight as they can get, you free up a lot of space in your suitcase. For example, a t-shirt becomes the size of a soda can if you folded in half, then roll it from the bottom to the top.

So then you take all of your clothes and fold them into these small little wads and arrange them as tightly as you can in your suitcase. You end up with much more room, and it’s a bit easier to select your clothes because you can see them all at once.

That’s my travel tip for you this holiday season, I hope you’re spending it with people you love.

[Photo By Producer]

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