Obama Hosts White House Meeting For Latino Advocacy Groups

On Monday the White House held the first of a two-day Hispanic Policy Conference for community leaders from across the country and White House officials to attend an in-depth series of interactive workshops and to discuss a wide variety of issues ranging from education, health care, science and technology, immigration, to housing.

The first day, held at the White House, consisted of plenary sessions and breakout sessions intended to provide attendees with an opportunity to interact with every participating Administration official.

The second day of the conference, held at the Department of Health & Human Services, will include an open discussion where individual participants will have the opportunity to define the agenda and shape the format of the dialogue.

The Administration recognizes now more than ever the importance of the Hispanic community and will continue to find space for leaders to share concerns and give constructive feedback in hopes of finding ways to collaborate in addressing the needs of the Latino community.


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