Guapura 101: Best Hangover Cure Aspirin, Coffee

It’s science! The best hangover cure is coffee and aspirin, according to research by Michael Oshinsky at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

This is what Oshinsky did. Induced hangovers in rats, then tried different cures on them. Turns out, the anti-inflammatory properties of aspirin combined with the caffeine from coffee had the best reaction against ethanol, or pure alcohol. It also turns out that hangovers are caused by a derivative of ethanol, acetate, and not dehydration.

Neat! Well, not that I ever drink enough to warrant a hangover, but if I did, now I know what to do! Of course, I have also heard that caldo and menudo are good hangover cures. What are yours?

[Photo By Ballistik Coffee Boy]

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