On Benito Juárez’s Birthday: What Would He Think Of Mexico?

On Benito Juárez’s Birthday: What Would He Think Of Mexico?

Mary Mata March 21, 2012

March 21 commemorates the birth of former Mexican President Benito Juárez, a man who clearly outlined the rights of his country’s inhabitants. What did he think about respect?  Respecting the rights […]

The Iraq War: 477 Latinos Killed In 9 Years Of Combat

NewsTaco December 16, 2011

The video of the men dressed in camouflage, casing the American forces flag that flew over Baghdad, was barely a few seconds long, but it signaled the end of almost […]

Bien Hecho: WWII Veteran Inducted Into Hall of Fame

Mary Mata October 18, 2011

Part of what has been called the “Greatest Generation,” 87-year-old Texas native Abelardo R. Navarrette was inducted into the 35th Infantry Division Hall of Fame in Kansas City, Missouri earlier […]

Rise In Suicides And Other Mental Health Problems For Veterans

Mary Mata October 7, 2011

Today marks the tenth year of the beginning of the war effort in the Middle East.  On October 7th 2001, the U.S. government sent combat troops into Afghanistan, and would later invade […]

Latina Documentary Filmmaker Works For Social Justice

Mary Mata October 4, 2011

Laura Varela said that it was her experience growing up in a violent neighborhood that ultimately led her to work as a documentary filmmaker. Her journey from El Paso, Texas […]

Texas Border Residents Pawns In Border Security War Games

Mary Mata September 30, 2011

A new report commissioned by Texas’ next wannabe Lieutenant Governor and current Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples literally labels the border as a warzone. This, despite actual reality and statistics to […]

Experiences Of Latino Vietnam Veterans In New Documentary

Mary Mata August 22, 2011

A new documentary chronicles the experiences of several Latino Vietnam veterans, who made up 20% of the casualties in that war but were only 10% of the U.S. population at […]