The Door-To-Door Grind to Lift Latino Voter Turnout

The Door-To-Door Grind to Lift Latino Voter Turnout

NewsTaco October 25, 2016

*Get out the Latino vote? This is how it’s done. One voter at a time, eyeball-to-eyeball, direct ask, time and again. VL By David Catanese, U.S. News & World Report (7 minute […]

Today is the deadline for voter registration in four states

NewsTaco October 10, 2016

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco Eligible voters in Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii and Washington have until today to register to vote in the November election. Tomorrow, the 11th, is the deadline in […]

Texans deserve the full protection of the Voting Rights Act


*Any time legendary civil rights attorney Al Kauffman has something to say I consider it worthy of publication. VL By Al Kauffman, NewsTaco (6 minute read) Section 5 of the […]

Google searches reveal how obsessed Hispanic voters are with this election

NewsTaco September 29, 2016

*This is new territory, folks who hadn’t been interested and hadn’t voted before are doing so now, so it’s hard to draw definite conclusions. A Google search doesn’t equal a […]

Latino voters heard nothing new in last night’s presidential debate

NewsTaco September 27, 2016

By Victor Landa, NewsTaco (2.5 minute read) This is the picture everybody will be talking about today. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump side-by-side in the first presidential debate of 2016. […]

Latino Millennial footprint of the 2016 elections

NewsTaco September 21, 2016

*More elusive than the Millennial vote is the Latino millennial vote. Forty-two percent are expected to go to the polls in November and no one can say for certain why. […]

Latino voters in swing states could hurt GOP

NewsTaco September 12, 2016

*In Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio Latino voters favor the Democratic candidate for Senate. VL By David F. Damore, Latino Decisions (8.5 minute read) New polling from America’s […]