Stand up Texas, and fix redistricting

Stand up Texas, and fix redistricting

NewsTaco May 22, 2017

*What happens in Texas regarding voting district lines could well define what happens to gerrymandering across the country. This is an important case for all voters and candidates. VL By […]

Supreme Court Takes One Affirmative Action Step Forward After Many Steps Back

NewsTaco June 29, 2016

*Last week’s Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action was great, but it’s a first step on a long road back. What more can be done? VL By Al Kauffman, NewsTaco […]

More Shattered Families

NewsTaco June 28, 2016

*What’s next after the Supreme Court’s non-ruling on the president’s executive actions on immigration? There’s a plan to call for a moratorium on deportations, deportation defense campaigns and an overhaul […]

the Latino daily – Your Friday morning brief

NewsTaco June 24, 2016

José Landaverde, an Anglican Catholic priest and community activist, has begun a protest walk that will take him from his from his Guadalupe Church parish in Chicago’s Little Village to […]

SCOTUS Upholds Use of Race in Texas College Admissions


*The supreme court ruling on affirmative action was  a surprise. Diversity is still a goal in higher education, and race (Latino race?) is still a factor in achieving that goal. […]

Advocates Say Court Decision Will Hurt Immigrants


*Very good summary of the Supreme Court’s immigration stalemate. It’s by our partners at Public News Service. VL By Mark Richardson, Public News Service (1.5 minute read) AUSTIN, Texas — […]

Supreme Court Tie Deals Blow to Obama’s Immigration Order

NewsTaco June 23, 2016

*This was not good news for President Obama or for the 4 million undocumented people who will be affected by the ruling. This doesn’t mean that DAPA or an extension […]