Classical music in Tijuana’s slums

Classical music in Tijuana’s slums

NewsTaco December 2, 2014

*Wonderful story of renewal in Tijuana. Children in the city’s slums are learning classical music in an exciting atmosphere that has the feel of an underground movement. VL By Sam […]

An attorney speaks to Tijuana deportees

NewsTaco November 26, 2014

*What about the immigrants not covered in the President’s executive action? Sam Quiñones tell us about a group of them in Tijuana. VL By Sam Quiñones, A Reporter’s Blog I […]

Stuck between two countries

February 24, 2014

By Rosalina Nieves, CNN Tijuana, Mexico (CNN) — Part of the fence separating the United States and Mexico sits about 50 yards away from hundreds of tunnel-like holes and makeshift tents where […]

Out of Mexico’s Violence: Cultural Renaissance On the Border

March 7, 2013

By Louis Nevaer, New America Media MEXICO CITY – Mexican youths living in border cities from Tijuana to Ciudad Juarez are reclaiming civil society via cultural movements emerging on the heels […]

LA: The Plaster Vendor, or how I spent my Sunday morning

February 4, 2013

By Sam Quiñones, A Reporter’s Blog What’s nice about the Los Angeles of today is that you can go out a meet folks with worthwhile stories almost without trying. I […]

Strange Tale of Road Trips That Never go Anywhere

November 14, 2012

By Oscar Barajas, NewsTaco Back in the good old, waning days leading to graduation, everyone wanted to be friends. People who had otherwise ignored you or taken you for granted […]

MEXICO: Tijuana Opera

July 9, 2012

By Sam Quiñonez, A Reporter’s Blog One of the great arts events in all Mexico takes place in Tijuana. It is the Tijuana Opera Street Festival (Festival Opera en la Calle), […]