Gerrymandering: Moving from ‘cracking’ and ‘packing’ to fairness

Gerrymandering: Moving from ‘cracking’ and ‘packing’ to fairness

Victor Landa November 1, 2017

On Oct. 3, the United States Supreme Court heard Gil vs. Whitford, a Wisconsin case regarding extreme partisan gerrymandering of the Wisconsin Legislature. In that case, Republicans drew a legislative […]

Trump Ditches His Promise to ‘Terminate’ DACA

NewsTaco June 16, 2017

*It was the right thing to do. VL By Priscilla Alvarez, The Atlantic (3 minute read)   Donald Trump will keep the Obama-era program in place that shielded millions of […]

Awareness of controversial Arizona immigration law influenced male students’ classroom behavior

NewsTaco May 22, 2017

*Take this as a microcosm of the effect that Trumpism will have on Latino children. There is palpable fear and anxiety in schools, the kids are being affected. VL NewsTaco […]

A win for voting rights – North Carolina’s Voter ID Law Is Defeated, For Now

NewsTaco May 15, 2017

*Why you should read tis: Because this is what happens to red state legislatures that tried to cram voter ID laws immediately after the Supreme Court struck down parts of […]

Latinos in tech prepare for resistance as Trump takes office

NewsTaco December 28, 2016

*How the 6 percent Latino tech workforce could be key in resisting Trump’s announced immigration plans. VL By Marissa Lang, San Francisco Chronicle (8 minute read)   They heard him […]

This Mexican College Robotics Team Just Owned a NASA Competition

NewsTaco October 6, 2016

*Check out this #MexicanThing. The Mexican team saw it as a statement victory. Team member Juan Carlos Mariscal said “We have the same abilities as any other student in the […]

Why Latinos Should Care about the Rules that Govern the Internet

Mary Mata December 17, 2013

By Maria Cardona, Latinovations Broadband in America is getting better and faster.  Overall speeds increased more than 20% over 2012.  A remarkable 19 out of 20 young adults use broadband […]