GOP Latino Vote Manipulation Shows They Can’t Get Past Race

GOP Latino Vote Manipulation Shows They Can’t Get Past Race

January 26, 2012

Republican gerrymanderers were planning to create a “metric” to manipulate the numbers of Latinos to the advantage of the Republican Party before the redistricting process in Texas even began, according […]

Texas Redistricting: The Telenovela

January 5, 2012

A lot of people have commented lately that all of this redistricting business, especially in Texas, is terribly confusing and consequently, no one cares. For political nerds like me, that’s […]

Rick Perry’s Voter Legislation Disenfranchises Latino Voters

September 28, 2011

By Rebecca Acuña, Dep. Political Director for Base Outreach for the Texas Democratic Party The 82nd legislative session began on a precipice of disaster. Absent of the federal stimulus dollars […]

Texas Redistricting Trial Shows Anti-Latino GOP Policies

September 20, 2011

The fundamental reason we have a Census every 10 years is to determine how many seats each state will have in the United States House of Representatives. After the Census […]

Latino Republican Lied About Redistricting Involvement

September 19, 2011

Republican State Rep. Aaron Peña allegedly lied about his involvement in redistricting along the Rio Grande Valley (the border for non-Texans), according to a report from the Texas Democratic Party. […]