Recipe: Quesadilla – Why It’s All About Technique

Recipe: Quesadilla – Why It’s All About Technique

NewsTaco June 9, 2017

*Adán Medrano gives us a fundamental culinary truth – do the basics brilliantly. VL NewsTaco FOOD FRIDAY By Adán Medrano, Adán’s Blog  (2 minuter read)   I was 10 years […]

Recipe: Fresh Corn Skillet – Guisado De Maíz

NewsTaco May 26, 2017

*Perfect for Memorial Day weekend. I think this goes well with bar-b-que anything. As always, Adán gives us a culture and history lesson along with a recipe. VL NewsTaco FOOD […]

Serrano Avocado Salsa For Tacos Al Pastor

NewsTaco May 19, 2017

*You should know by now that you aren’t going to get a simple recipe from Adán Medrano. This is a quick history and culture lesson that traces the origin of […]

The Saucy Poetry Of Huevos Rancheros

NewsTaco January 13, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because who doesn’t like a good double entendre? Because I’m glad I read this recipe after I had breakfast, or else I might still be […]

Champurrado Holiday Drink — It’s “DeAquella/Awesome”

NewsTaco December 12, 2016

*Because it’s that time of year. Also, did you know that champurrado is a type of porridge? VL By Adán Medrano, Adán’s Blog  This Champurrado holiday drink recipe is lush, […]

The Original Chocolate Drink: Why You Should Skip The Milk

NewsTaco December 9, 2016

*Chocolate caliente. Becasue it’s ancient and it’s cold outside (in many places). VL By Adán Medrano, Adán’s Blog Make some “Chocolate Caliente” the way that the original inventors of this […]

Smoked Turkey For Thanksgiving

NewsTaco November 22, 2016

*I’m not going to spend too much space with an introduction. This is good stuff and more than just a recipe there’s history and culture too. All I’ll say is […]