Woman could face criminal charges for racist rant caught on viral video at Kentucky mall

Woman could face criminal charges for racist rant caught on viral video at Kentucky mall

NewsTaco December 23, 2016

*An update. After the owners of the mall banned the bigoted woman for life the Jefferson County Attorney says he’s considering criminal charges. VL By Travis Gettys, Raw Story (2 […]

Bigoted woman is banned from a mall after racist rant against Latina shoppers

NewsTaco December 21, 2016

*I don’t want to call this racism, yet. Because doing that lumps this woman in a heap with other racists that find comfort in their ignorance. This woman needs to […]

A YouTube Star Says He Was Kicked Off a Delta Flight for Speaking Arabic


*This is getting a lot of attention in Latino digital and social media networks. It seems this doesn’t sit well with raza and we’re backing the call for a Delta […]

On The White Nationalist Hate List, Immigrants Now Trump Blacks

NewsTaco December 9, 2016

*This is scary because “immigrants” is white supremacist code for Latino. VL By Rosemary Eng, Northstar News Today/New America Media  (5 minute read)  The Southern Poverty Law Center says post-election […]

Tougher Times For Latino Students? History Says They’ve Never Had It Easy

NewsTaco November 17, 2016

*There’s deep irony in this piece. Latino kids will survive taunts and discrimination in their schools, that’s the good thing. But they’ll survive because it’s not a new thing, they’ve […]

Election’s Intolerant Tone Stokes Fears for Latino Students

NewsTaco November 2, 2016

*Two-thousand teachers were polled about how the presidential campaign had affected schools. More than 66 percent of them said that students—mainly immigrants, children of immigrants, and Muslims— were concerned or […]

Truthful Reflections: Repainting an American Story

NewsTaco November 1, 2016

*Why did a chicano artist from San Antonio take on the KKK? We’re glad he did. VL By Eduardo Diaz, Director, Smithsonian Latino Center (4 minute read)  It is astonishing the lengths […]