Anti-Immigrant Hate Doesn’t Care If You’re Undocumented Or Not

Anti-Immigrant Hate Doesn’t Care If You’re Undocumented Or Not

NewsTaco March 10, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because incidents like this have been on the rise since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president. Because eaqch and every incident like this needs […]

Free Speech is NOT Free!

NewsTaco January 6, 2017

*Henry Flores says the rise in hate speech is now Trump’s responsibility and he must (but probably won’t) do something to stop it. VL By Henry Flores, NewsTaco (4 minute […]

Woman could face criminal charges for racist rant caught on viral video at Kentucky mall

NewsTaco December 23, 2016

*An update. After the owners of the mall banned the bigoted woman for life the Jefferson County Attorney says he’s considering criminal charges. VL By Travis Gettys, Raw Story (2 […]

Bigoted woman is banned from a mall after racist rant against Latina shoppers

NewsTaco December 21, 2016

*I don’t want to call this racism, yet. Because doing that lumps this woman in a heap with other racists that find comfort in their ignorance. This woman needs to […]

A YouTube Star Says He Was Kicked Off a Delta Flight for Speaking Arabic


*This is getting a lot of attention in Latino digital and social media networks. It seems this doesn’t sit well with raza and we’re backing the call for a Delta […]

On The White Nationalist Hate List, Immigrants Now Trump Blacks

NewsTaco December 9, 2016

*This is scary because “immigrants” is white supremacist code for Latino. VL By Rosemary Eng, Northstar News Today/New America Media  (5 minute read)  The Southern Poverty Law Center says post-election […]

Tougher Times For Latino Students? History Says They’ve Never Had It Easy

NewsTaco November 17, 2016

*There’s deep irony in this piece. Latino kids will survive taunts and discrimination in their schools, that’s the good thing. But they’ll survive because it’s not a new thing, they’ve […]