Rise in ‘Bigoted Incivility’ – When Your Groceries Come With a Side of Hate

Rise in ‘Bigoted Incivility’ – When Your Groceries Come With a Side of Hate

Victor Landa July 17, 2017

By Peter Schurmann, New America Media (4.5 minute read)  SAN FRANCISO – When Mohammad S. put in for a delivery with Instacart, the San Francisco company that allows users to order […]

Texas High Schoolers Rise Against Anti-Immigrant SB 4 Law

Victor Landa July 15, 2017

By Viri Sanchez and Karla Quinones  (2.5 minute read) Four months ago, on February 16, thousands of high school students across Texas joined in a collective effort to stand up […]

One Republican’s plan to save money: Turn 82,000 non-English-speaking school kids over to ICE

NewsTaco May 12, 2017

*Why you  should read this: Because the underlying story is about how this type of extreme bigotry has been emboldened in the Trump era. Becasue it’s a cautionary tale that […]

Investigating Hate Across the U.S. There’s No Shortage of Work.

NewsTaco April 28, 2017

By Joe Sexton and Rachel Glickhouse, ProPublica (5.5 minute read)   An African-American homeless man slain with a sword on the streets of New York. A mosque attacked in Fort […]

In discussing immigration, you might be a racist if …

NewsTaco March 28, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because I’m not a big Navarrete fan, but his “you might be a racist” riff is good. VL By Ruben Navcarrete, Washington Post Writer’s Group […]

Anti-Immigrant Hate Doesn’t Care If You’re Undocumented Or Not

NewsTaco March 10, 2017

*Why you should read this: Because incidents like this have been on the rise since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president. Because eaqch and every incident like this needs […]

Free Speech is NOT Free!

NewsTaco January 6, 2017

*Henry Flores says the rise in hate speech is now Trump’s responsibility and he must (but probably won’t) do something to stop it. VL By Henry Flores, NewsTaco (4 minute […]